Literary Agent Services

From time to time, we act as literary agents to authors in the book publishing industry, where we believe that our experience and expertise can provide special value to the project.

For our adult non-fiction authors, many of whose books have appeared on The New York Times bestseller lists, we guide the author in crafting a strong book concept, developing a comprehensive book proposal for presentation to the premier publishing houses, engaging a collaborator where appropriate and negotiating the collaboration agreement, securing and negotiating the publishing agreement, identifying and engaging publicists, and providing ongoing support in the licensing of subsidiary and ancillary rights, such as motion picture, live theater, television and merchandising rights, as well as developing new media opportunities. Our books include memoirs, health books, cookbooks, self-help books, business books, inspirational books and other narrative non-fiction books. In order to maintain our focus and expertise in the adult non-fiction arena, we do not act as agents for adult fiction authors.

We also represent best-selling children and young adult book authors and illustrators in all genres in developing their book ideas and in structuring and negotiating single or multi-book publishing agreements, forming creative partnerships with collaborators and other professionals, managing the book’s content into other platforms, such as audio/visual, live performance and merchandising uses, and all other aspects of the exploitation of a book. Our children and young adult book authors and illustrators have written numerous New York Times #1 bestsellers and have been honored with Caldecott, Zolotow and BEA Booksense awards, among others.

For our literary agenting work, we charge a customary percentage of author revenue arising out of the exploitation of a project. Our services include legal representation associated with the project.